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Eat Cleaner 64 oz Refill Jug

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NEW! The only all natural, patented eatCleaner® TRIPLE ACTION Fruit + Veggie Spray now has an economical refill, in a 1/2 gallon container.  Save over 30% on the refill.
  • HELPS REDUCE RISK OF THE #1 CAUSE OF FOODBORNE ILLNESS by thoroughly cleansing your fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • PATENTED LAB PROVEN FORMULA IS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, all natural, vegan, non-GMO, USDA Biobased, gluten and allergen free, tasteless, odorless
  • CLEANS AND PROTECTS CUTTING SURFACES, utensils, even baby’s binkie!
  • MADE WITHOUT ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES - All Eat Cleaner products are made with natural ingredients and calcium ascorbate which contains vitamin C, a known antioxidant that also extends the shelf life of produce. (Note - In some cases, if the 64oz container is left in sunlight or has had air exposure, you may see a slight discoloring. This is the natural vitamin C at work – not to worry!
  • MADE IN THE USA, As seen on HSN and QVC. World’s Best Technology Gold Prize