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Meteorite Dessert Glitter

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Shine Dessert Glitter is made only with FDA approved ingredients, so they are 100% edible! We are proud to say Shine Dessert Glitter is Kosher & Halal Certified , Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free.


How Should I Store Shine Dessert Glitter? Shine Dessert Glitter should be stored in sealed containers, in a cool, dark, dry place to maintain the color shades.


What’s the Shelf Life? Approximately 4 years from purchase.


Should I Worry About GMO’s or Allergens? Shine Dessert Glitter is free of GMO’s and any major allergens.

FDA Compliance & Restrictions: All ingredients in Shine Dessert Glitter have been approved by the FDA based on usage levels.


By Cake Pop Box